Trip to Southeast Asia

     I am looking forward to an upcoming trip this December with my husband. One of the fun parts of my travels are the planning stages. I could get so lost on reading and learning about a new place which can be both good and bad.

     Good in terms of saving money and maximizing time. Bad because I end up learning so much that I over plan.

     So far this is our itinerary:

Bangkok         1
Chiang Mai    3
Singapore       3
Koh Phi Phi    5
Bangkok         3

We booked our round trip flights from BNA to BKK already. After spying on the airfare for the longest time and seeing the way the prices trended, I’ve finally snag up the lowest fare possible on our flights to Chiang Mai & Koh Phi Phi (hello! flights to Chiang Mai for $36).

I am still waiting to book the rest as I am tapping in the world of travel hacking. We’ll see how that plays out!

Can’t wait to blog more about this trip I’ve been wanting to go on for forever!!!


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